The Ten Commandments - Conclusion

In the past, Christians have quietly said that there seems to be a hidden agenda to remove God and the Ten Commandments from the government but now the agenda does not seem quite so hidden. The recent purging of the Ten Commandments from public institutions has aroused a passionate outcry from many groups. Why? We have witnessed the grim results of our silence. In the world today we have murder, suicide, rape, adultery, fornication, thefts, muggings, idolatry, pornography, child abuse and classmates shooting classmates. There are even elderly men and woman being beaten in their homes for a few dollars. Cars are not just stolen secretly anymore; they are stolen right out from under you. It is not even safe in your own home. You can understand those belonging to this world not wanting to have any law to follow and the results are catastrophic as we can see by just looking at the world around us. But what sort of message does it send to the world when Christians start teaching that God's great moral standards, the Ten Commandments are abolished?

So again, what are the consequences and whose kingdom benefits from this teaching? God's or Satan's? The answers to these questions should be pretty obvious and also which spirit one is listening to when one teaches that these glorious Ten Commandments written on sapphire stone are now history.

The main area of confusion with the Ten Commandments is misinterpretation between the Ten Commandments and the ceremonial law and should be studied by all. Galatians and the law is also a huge stumbling block for many in regards to the Ten Commandments and is also recommended reading. The Catholic change to the Ten Commandments explains why most Churches today worship on Sunday and these fifty thought provoking questions on Sabbath Bible Prophecy explain how the fourth Commandment relates to Antichrist. Was the Sabbath changed to Sunday in the Bible? See who changed the Sabbath to Sunday for the full story on this much attacked truth.

Many today are looking for any excuse to say the Ten Commandments are abolished but look why God said David was a man after His own heart. See also this one Bible passage that conclusively says all Ten Commandments are eternal but many do not understand this passage because of misunderstandings on Jesus fulfilling the law. See also the following page for the truth on the Old and New Covenants and are all Ten Commandments in the New Testament. Alternatively you can also browse the blue menu bar.

Much of the information on the previous pages is in brief detail and is intended to get one thinking about these many issues. If you would like to know more, then you will find thumbnails to more than 120 web sites which will answer all the unanswered questions and give full information on these topics and others by careful exegesis. If you would prefer, you can also watch excellent Bible Prophecy Seminars online.Ten Commandments thumbnail links

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