The Ten Commandments and Sabbath Bible Prophecy

Below you will find the brief history of the Sabbath from creation to current times as well as 50 questions to ask yourself that will help you identify how Bible Prophecy relates to the Ten Commandments and antichrist but more specifically the Commandment that defines who we worship.

Fourth Commandment changedYou will find some interesting facts in these questions that you may not have heard before including how the colour blue relates to the Ten Commandments. Many do not understand the implications or importance of the fourth Commandment, but the questions below will get one thinking on the truth of what Satan has done in regards to this Commandment over the centuries and the millions that died due to their loving obedience to God. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego also would not disobey God's Commandments and chose the fiery furnace no matter what the consequences happened to be. Because of their faith and loving obedience the Son of God rescued these faithful three.

The Sabbath history below is also intended to help one see the bigger picture on the importance and relevance of the fourth Commandment. These facts are something that the enemy works overtime in the minds of anyone he can manipulate to come against this truth as the truth will greatly interfere with his final end-time deception. The relevance of this is so important that God has a large percentage of the book of Daniel and more than seven chapters of the book of Revelation that discuss this antichrist power that changed the law of God, and ruled as Church and state for 1260 years called the dark ages. These truths were once known by all the early Protestants and the many Churches that they started when they broke away from the Catholic Church in protest against what they were doing, but Satan has successfully, slowly and subtly pulled this truth from almost all these Churches over the last few centuries in preparation for his grand finale of deceptions before the second coming of Christ. How did Satan steal this truth from all these Churches? In almost the same way he keeps so many Christians ignorant of the truth on the fourth Commandment of the Ten Commandments.

APOLOGY: While identifying the Roman Catholic Church as the antichrist power, we hasten to remind all sincere Christians that many of Christ's true followers are still members of this Church. Some of the statements below reference the Papal Church and so we apologize for what may offend you. This site is NOT anti-catholic as we love people from all denominations and have no vendetta against any Church which would also be contrary to Christian teaching, but it is God's will that the truth always be preached. Sometimes there is no easy way of preaching truth other than just saying it. There are no doubt millions in the Catholic Church that are unaware of the facts below and that is no reflection on their faith or love for Christ.

Please note the following excerpt that reveals the identity of antichrist as this information is best known before reading the information below.

All these following people knew that the Papal Church is the little horn of Daniel 7, which is synonymous with the antichrist beast power of Revelation 13, and many of them died by the hand of the Roman Catholic Church. See who is the Antichrist. “John Wycliffe, William Tyndale (translated the Bible - Tyndale Bible), Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer; in the seventeenth century, Bunyan, the translators of the King James Bible and the men who published the Westminster and Baptist confessions of Faith; Sir Isaac Newton, John Wesley, Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards; and more recently Spurgeon, Bishop J.C. Ryle and Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones; these men among countless others, all saw the office of the Papacy as the antichrist.” — All Roads Lead to Rome, by Michael de Semlyen. Dorchestor House Publications, p. 205. 1991.

Have you ever wondered why God used symbolism to hide the identity of the antichrist beast power in Bible prophecy so that it would not be understood until the end of the dark ages where the Catholic Church ruled as Church and state? The Bible was in the hands of the Catholic Church all through these years, and if they were identified directly in Scripture, what would they have done to the Bible? They would have changed what Scripture said! As it is they had Jesuits write false Bible prophecy to try and hide what all the protestants began teaching. If the Bible did not refer to the Catholic Church in any way, then God would not have needed to hide Bible prophecy meaning in symbolism as there would have been no risk of it been changed. This alone reveals that Scripture is referring to the Papal Church extensively and why God had to hide things in symbolism that would not be understood until such a time where the Catholic Church no longer had control over Scripture.

What happened to the fourth Commandment?

Before getting into those 50 thought provoking questions, here is the brief history of the Sabbath using a point by point overview on what truly happened in history in regards to the fourth Commandment. This takes us from creation through to an end time Church that God raised up to restore His Commandments and teach end time Bible prophecy.

Fifty Questions on Bible prophecy in regards to the fourth Commandment

  1. Why does one of the final verses of Revelation state that those who are blessed and eat from the tree of life and enter the heavenly city are those who keep the Commandments of God? Revelation 22:14.
  2. Why does God raise up a remnant Church (remnant meaning like the original) after the dark ages that keep His Commandments that Satan would hate and make war with? Revelation 12:17. See who is the remnant Church.
  3. Why will Satan hate this remnant and make war with it? What does the verse say this Church would do? Revelation 12:17.
  4. What is the significance of God saying that the remnant Church would keep His Commandments?
  5. If God says His remnant Church is going to keep His Commandments and Satan is going to make war with them, does this mean that one or more of God's Commandments were lost?
  6. Why were as many as 50,000,000 Christians murdered and tortured during the dark ages with many of them being burnt at the stake for keeping one of God's Commandments, and which Commandment was it that was almost lost by the blood of many of these millions of innocent saints?
  7. Is it true that the Bible and history show that it was just one Commandment and that it was the fourth Commandment the Sabbath? Watch this re-enactment video for a true story example.
  8. So which of the Ten Commandments was nearly lost that God is restoring through His end time remnant Church? And why if this Commandment is not relevant as some state? Revelation 12:17.
  9. Which apostate Church nearly tortured and murdered the fourth Commandment out of existence? See Catholic Quotes and Adam Clarke's Commentary. See also the Catholic Version of the Ten Commandments.
  10. Did you know that the Earthly sanctuary was a copy of the heavenly sanctuary and why Moses was given such precise details? Hebrews 8:5.
  11. Did you know the Ark of the Covenant on Earth represented the throne of God and the space between the two cherubim on top is called the mercy seat and had the very presence of God and that the Ten Commandments were right under this mercy seat inside the Ark?
  12. What is the significance and why does God say the colour blue represents His law? Numbers 15:38-40.
  13. Did you know that the book of Ezekiel says that the heavenly throne of God is made of sapphire which is BLUE and the heavenly Ten Commandments were cut from the throne of God and hence are also blue sapphire? Is this why God says the colour blue represents His law and why we have these parallels with the Earthly Ark of the Covenant?
  14. Henceforth, did you know that through the book of Ezekiel and Revelation 11:19, we know there is an original set of the the Ten Commandments in the heavenly sanctuary that would therefore contain the full law of God including the Commandment that was made at creation that we still keep in the New Heaven and Earth? Isaiah 66:22-23.
  15. Why does God have the Ten Commandments written in blue sapphire stone that were cut from His own throne on display in the heavenly sanctuary that are the originals of the Earthly copy and so has ALL Ten Commandments, NOT nine?
  16. Did you know that God's true Church or an apostate Church is symbolically represented as a WOMAN all throughout the Bible and why God's Church is the bride of Christ?
  17. Were you aware that the Catholic Church not only knows this but says she alone is Christ's spouse and the MOTHER Church because most other Churches came from her? Catholic Quote.
  18. Did you know that God called Israel a HARLOT and a WHORISH WOMAN as the Old testament Church when SHE was guilty of idolatry and hence ADULTERY and FORNICATION? Ezekiel 16:26-32, Jeremiah 3:1-25.
  19. Did you know that many of the Churches that came from the Papacy were also guilty of idolatry which by the Papacy's own definition of being the MOTHER Church and God's definition of idolatry would make HER the MOTHER OF HARLOTS?
  20. Did you know that the Old Testament priest's garments had the colours purple, scarlet, gold and BLUE? Exodus 28:4-6.
  21. Did you know that the woman (Church) riding the beast in Revelation 17:3-6 has the colours purple, scarlet, and gold but NO BLUE. Why? What did the colour blue represent again? What did God say was its significance? Numbers 15:38-40.
  22. Did you know that this woman (Church) riding the beast has the same colours that the Catholic priests robes have?
  23. Did you know that the Vatican is its own kingdom and that Daniel 7:23 says a beast in Bible prophecy is a kingdom, so a woman (Church) riding a beast would be a Church in control of a kingdom?
  24. Did you know that the colour scarlet represents sin (Isaiah 1:18) and so a scarlet coloured beast would be a sinful kingdom, i.e. one that does not keep God's Commandments which are represented by the colour blue?
  25. Did you know that the millions of Christians the Papacy tortured and murdered which they called heretics were MARTYRS for Jesus and the Papacy also has the blood of millions of saints on HER hands? Considering the above several points, now read Revelation 17:3-6 carefully.
  26. So which Church changed the law of God against His will? See Adam Clarke's Commentary.
  27. Why is God going to punish this woman (Church) that changed His law if the fourth Commandment supposedly has no significance anymore?
  28. Why is so much detail given on the colours and that blue is missing if the Ten Commandments do not matter and more to the point, the one the Papal Church changed?
  29. And who gave power to this Church so he could be worshiped by representation? Revelation 13:2. And why? Isaiah 14:12-14.
  30. So why else did Satan want the fourth Commandment changed if it supposedly has no significance as some say? James 2:10. And did God reveal this principle by showing that those not keeping His Sabbath on the right day are breaking all His law? Exodus 16:4-30.
  31. What are the consequences for deliberate and wilful sin? Hebrews 10:26-29, Matthew 7:21-23.
  32. What are the consequences for worshipping the beast power? Revelation 14:9-11.
  33. What do those do that is different that do not worship the beast and hence do NOT get their Mark? Revelation 14:12.
  34. Did you know that antichrist also means in place of Christ and John said that antichrist was part of the early Church but went out on their own? So which Church broke away that John called antichrist? What Church started then and became the most powerful Church on Earth by the death of millions? See 1 John 2:18-19, Catholic Quotes and Adam Clarke's Commentary.
  35. Did you know that the beast power that enforces the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13 is called Babylon in Revelation 14 and is synonymous with the woman (Church) riding a beast (mystery Babylon), and the little horn of Daniel 7 that persecutes the saints and changes God's law? See Adam Clarke's Commentary on Daniel 7:25.
  36. Did you know that the Bible describes two Israel's, (Romans 9:6-8) an Israel of the flesh (1 Corinthians 10:18) and an Israel of God (Galatians 6:16) and that the New Covenant was ONLY made with the children of Israel, (Hebrews 8:10) but if we are Christ's then we are Abraham's seed (Galatians 3:28-29; Isaiah 41:8) and the Israel of God, that is, the children of Israel. See also Romans 2:28-29. Please read Daniel's 70 weeks explained for more on how and when this occurred.
  37. Did you know the Sabbath defines that we are God's Children and that it is God we love and worship and that it is God that sanctifies us and makes us Holy when we keep His day Holy and so defines it is God we give our allegiance to? Ezekiel 20:20, Exodus 31:13, Exodus 31:16-17.
  38. Since the Sabbath defines worship of our creator and we are told one day we will be forced to worship the beast. How are we going to worship them? Remember they instituted their own Sabbath day by tradition and through Satan's authority. Mark 7:6-9, Revelation 13:2.
  39. Who would we be giving our allegiance to if we knowingly worshipped on a day effectively instituted by Satan himself?
  40. If we did this knowingly, would this incur the full wrath of God which those receive who worship the beast power? Since God Seals His faithful children with His Mark in their foreheads, wouldn't the Mark of the Beast be symbolic also as is the Mark of God? Revelation 9:4, Deuteronomy 6:8.
  41. Is it coincidence that the Ten Commandments are a sign upon our HAND and FOREHEAD (Deuteronomy 6:8) which is where the Mark of the Beast goes? See 666 and the mark of the beast for detailed information.
  42. Is it coincidence that Revelation 13:2 says Satan (dragon) gave his power to the beast (Papal Church) and had the day changed that defines the worship of our creator?
  43. Is it coincidence that the day that defines worship of our Creator and defines it is Him we obey only and give our allegiance to just happens to be the Commandment that Satan had changed by the Papal Church and prophecy warns us about? Daniel 7:25. See Adam Clarke's Commentary.
  44. Is it coincidence that the Mark of the Beast issue is all about worship and the fourth Commandment is also all about worship?
  45. Is it coincidence that the Catholic Church say that it is their MARK of authority that they could change one of God's Commandments and have the world follow them? Catholic Quotes.
  46. Is it coincidence that those who do NOT get the mark “worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters” only, and that Greek Lexicons tell us that this phrase from Revelation 14:7 regarding the mark of the beast is from the Sabbath Commandment?
  47. Is it coincidence that those who do not get the Mark of the Beast on their HAND or FOREHEAD keep the Commandments of God (Revelation 14:12) and that it is a sign on our HANDS and FOREHEADS that we do keep God's law? Deuteronomy 6:8.
  48. So who does NOT get the Mark of the Beast and who is part of God's remnant Church and who gains entrance into the heavenly city? Is it those who keep ALL Ten Commandments of God? Revelation 14:12, Revelation 12:17, Revelation 22:14, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14.

See the History of Sun-Day Worship for very enlightening information on how Sunday worship actually began 2000 years B.C. See also the who changed the Sabbath to Sunday. You can now watch online for free here a brilliant five DVD documentary on the history of the Sabbath called Revelations from the Lost Pages of History which I highly recommend. It has been put together by over fifty historical experts from all walks of life.