Discover Prophecy — David Asscherick

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David AsscherickThe “Discover” Bible Prophecy seminar is not like anything you have ever heard before and reveals just how much the Ten Commandments are related to end time events and Bible prophecy. David Asscherick is a very fast paced intellectual that will meet the toughest Bible critic head on. If you are very new to Bible Prophecy and have previously been under the impression that it could not be understood, you may be better off with the “Prophecy Code” by Doug Batchelor. But if you are a fast thinker and up to the challenge, you will be swept off your feet with some of the material presented in this phenomenal series. Note that this series has just aired on 3ABN and so not all episodes are available as yet. (All parts are now available)

David Asscherick is an ordained minister of the Gospel and a sought after speaker both nationally and internationally. A former extreme sports enthusiast and punk rocker, David turned his life over to the God of the Bible at the age of 24. Since that time, he has travelled all over the world preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. He is presently the director of a missionary training center called ARISE located in Troy, MI. He is happily married to his wife, Violeta, and is the father of two fun filled and energetic boys, Landon and Jabel.

As a Punk Rocker, Professional Skateboarder and Professional Rock Climber, some would think he had it all. But David could not find that peace and fulfilment that he was looking so hard to find. It was while enrolled in medical school he found a higher calling. From this point on he dedicated his life to serving the Lord and went into the field of Evangelism. He has spent years travelling around the United States and abroad, teaching people the Truths of the Bible. Best known for his amazing knowledge of Bible Prophecy and Biblical teachings, you will find yourself listening for hours at a time. As you view this series you will discover just how much the Ten Commandments are involved with Bible prophecy.

D i s c o v e r   P r o p h e c y
Seminar Titles Study Guides Video
1. You Can Understand Bible Prophecy Guide 1 Watch
2. How Ancient Babylon Foretold the End of the World Guide 2 Watch
3. How Near is the End Guide 3 Watch
4. Bible Prophecy's Answer for Human Suffering Guide 4 Watch
5. The War Behind the Wars - Part 1 Guide 5 Watch
6. The War Behind the Wars - Part 2 Guide 6 Watch
7. Does Jesus Christ Have A Twin? Guide 7 Watch
8. The Actual, Definite, Certain, Unavoidable Identity of the Antichrist Guide 8 Watch
9. The Rock that Simply Will Not Roll - Part 1 Guide 9 Watch
10. The Rock that Simply Will Not Roll - Part 2 Guide 10 Watch
11. How Jesus Christ Will Defy the Skeptics and Return to Earth Guide 11 Watch
12. How to Get and to Remain Undeceived Guide 12 Watch
13. There Really Is A Final Judgment Guide 13 Watch
14. Perfect Prophetic Proof of Jesus Christ's Identity Guide 14 Watch
15. When Will the Final Judgment Take Place? No Guide Watch
16. How to Face Death Unafraid Guide 16 Watch
17. How to Postpone Your Funeral No Guide Watch
18. The Good News About Hell Guide 18 Watch
19. How Not To Get The Mark of the Beast Guide 19 Watch
20. The United States in Bible Prophecy Guide 20 Watch
21. Babylon is Alive and Well Guide 21 Watch
22. God Has A Church On Earth. No Kidding! No Guide Watch
23. Who is real Israel No Guide Watch
24. How to Get On and Stay On the Straight and Narrow No Guide Watch