The Seventh Day – Part Four

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Seventh Day Documentary Part 4

Part Four Overview

Russian Reformation — This Sabbath-keeping movement reached to the highest levels of Russian society and led to fiery executions in Moscow's Red Square. Ethiopia: Sabbath Crisis — Jesuit missionaries succeeded in converting the Emperor to Roman Catholicism, but attempts to quash Sabbath-keeping resulted in civil war. The Inquisition — Civil and religious authorities united to root out “heresy.” Spain: Heart of Intolerance — The “Catholic Monarchs,” Ferdinand and Isabella, used the Spanish Inquisition to rid their church of Jewish heresies. Goa: Reign of Terror — Inquisitors carried their campaign of religious persecution to the coast of India, part of Portugal's expanding empire. Sola Scriptura? — Protestant Reformers insisted on the authority of the sacred Scriptures, while Roman Catholic leaders defended their church's stand on tradition. Radical Reformation — Persecuted by Protestants and Catholics alike, these radical reformers stood for strict adherence to biblical teachings. Among them were new champions of the seventh-day Sabbath. Sabbath in the North — Church leaders in Norway and Denmark tried to stamp out Sabbath observance among Catholic and Lutheran church members. The Seventh-day Men — While many Puritan preachers promoted strict Sunday observance, other prominent Englishmen called for a return to the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments.