Polonium Halos — Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation

The following has very little to do with the Ten Commandments but has been included here to prove the Bible account of creation. Did you know that scientific evidence abounds to support the Biblical accounts of creation and the flood? Were you also aware that Polonium Halosreports outlining this evidence passed peer review, and were published in the open scientific literature? Have you heard that, decades later, this evidence still stands un-refuted by the scientific community?

Etched within Earth's foundation rocks namely the granites, are beautiful microspheres of coloration, halos, produced by the radioactive decay of primordial polonium, which is known to have only a fleeting existence.

The following simple analogy will show how these polonium microspheres or halos contradict the evolutionary belief that granites formed as hot magma slowly cooled over millions of years. To the contrary, this analogy demonstrates how these halos provide unambiguous evidence of both an almost instantaneous creation of granites and the young age of the earth.

A speck of polonium in molten rock can be compared to an Alka-Seltzer dropped into a glass of water. The beginning of effervescence is equated to the moment that polonium atoms began to emit radioactive particles. In molten rock the traces of those radioactive particles would disappear as quickly as the Alka-Seltzer bubbles in water. But if the water were instantly frozen, the bubbles would be preserved. Likewise, polonium halos could have formed only if the rapidly “effervescing” specks of polonium had been instantly encased in solid rock.

An exceedingly large number of polonium halos are embedded in granites around the world. Just as frozen Alka-Seltzer bubbles would be clear evidence of the quick-freezing of the water, so are these many polonium halos undeniable evidence that a sea of primordial matter quickly “froze” into solid granite. The occurrence of these polonium halos then, distinctly implies that our earth was formed in a very short time, in complete harmony with the Biblical record of creation.

Robert Gentry is a gifted scientist who ably communicates the significance of his discovery of polonium halos in the earth's granites. Many scientists have the highest respect for his often standing almost alone in proclaiming this evidence in support of a young earth Biblical creation position. We support his 20-year-old challenge, as yet unmet, to the scientific establishment that they produce in the laboratory even a fist-sized piece of granite, and the subsequent production of a Po-218 halo in it.

The following videos are available to watch online that prove the Biblical evidence of Creation. These videos as well as books are available for purchase from Earth Science Associates. If you enjoy their material, please consider supporting them by purchasing their products and sharing the truth with others.

Polonium Halos - Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation

The Young Age of the EarthDr. Robert and David Gentry present young earth evidences supporting rapid coal formation such as polonium halos in coalified wood and the astonishingly pure giant coal beds of the Powder River Basin. A synopsis of the polonium halos evidence for a rapid crystallization of granite is given explaining the difficulties they pose to the view of an anciently evolving planet from a hot melt.

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Fingerprints of CreationThe video, shot mostly in California takes the viewer to picturesque Yosemite National Park during the winter and the regions surrounding Palm Springs and Bishop where granites are plainly visible.

Three-dimensional graphic animations are included to help convey the process of halo formation from nuclear particles.

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Center of the UniverseIn this documentary Drs. Robert and David Gentry unlock this message by their amazing astronomical discovery that the universe has a nearby center that can be identified with the location of the Great White Throne, God's dwelling place in the heavens described in the book of Revelation.

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Center of the Universe DiscussionThis in-depth extended discussion by Robert V. Gentry and Don Mackintosh further explains Dr. Robert and David Gentry's discoveries about the Center of the Universe and the Great White Throne, God's dwelling place in the heavens described in the book of Revelation.

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The Ten Commandments WeekendPictures taken through the Hubble Telescope indicate that galaxies are receding from the earth, which suggests that the earth is near the center of the universe. The big bang theory postulates that the universe has no center, and that space itself is expanding everywhere. But this idea is contradicted by the fact that galaxies exist.

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Granite SynthesisThe entire presentation in which Dr. Taylor made his claims about granite synthesis. A UT geology professor publicly made the claim that he could make granite in his laboratory in just one week. We told him to let us know as soon as he was successful for we wanted to be present at the publicity event announcing this accomplishment.

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