The Seventh Day – Part Three

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Part Three Overview

Celtic Christianity — The religious background to the story of St Patrick. The Real Patrick — Once a slave in Ireland, Patrick responds to a divine call and returns to the Emeral Isle as a missionary. Celtic Sabbath — Saturday observed as Sabbath by Celtic Christians. Margaret of Scotland — Margaret comes from England, marries King Malcolm, and attempts to reform Sunday observance in Scotland. Assault on the Sabbath — The Church of Rome promotes the Sabbath (Saturday) fast as an expression of anti-Jewish sentiments. Power Struggle — The Sabbath fast becomes a key issue in the rivalry between church leaders in Rome and Constantinople. Deceptions — The “letter from heaven” threatens Sunday-breakers. Fight for Truth — Resistance to church/state authority brings tragedy. John Wycliffe: Champion of Conscience — An Oxford professor focuses new attention on the Bible as the supreme authority for Christian faith and practice. The Lollards — They take Wycliffe's views to England and beyond. The Church vs. the Bible — The church-state establishment opposes the spread of the Bible and the ideas of Wycliffe and the Lollards.

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